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Engine Options

Polini THORour #1 recommendations

We're constantly researching new engine options. If you have one you love and you need a firewall forward kit built or would like to see your engine on our page let us know! We love innovation!

Polini's THOR 250 Starting at $4125

Polini Thor 200 Starting at $3400

Polini THOR 250 DUAL SPARK Starting at $4900

Polini THOR 202 Starting at $3175

Some other options

Hirth F-33

50HP Hirth F-23

Half VW

Rotary UAV

Advanced Innovative Engineering 225CS – 40 BHP

Super Cool, Super Lightweight, Pretty Pricey at $17k, Rotary Engine / click here
Stay tuned for more info on our very own450cc, 45+HP, 4-stroke engine that weighs less than 65lbs!!!!!