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Engine Options

Polini THOR our #1 recommendations

We're constantly researching new engine options. If you have one you love and you need a firewall forward kit built or would like to see your engine on our page let us know! We love innovation!

Polini's THOR 250 Trusted Reliability

Polini Thor 200


Polini THOR 202

Accessories and Propellers
Some other options

Campact Radial's MZ201

Hirth F-33

Hirth 2702

Half VW & 4 cyl

Rotary UAV

Advanced Innovative Engineering 225CS – 40 BHP

Super Cool, Super Lightweight, Super Pricey, Rotary Engine / click here
Stay tuned for more info on our very own 450cc, 45+HP, 4-stroke engine that weighs less than 65lbs!!!!!