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What’s included

Base model F-1UL kit $11,700

Everything you need except the engine and propeller.


4130 Chromoly tubing

100% Professionally TIG welded.

Technical support

Top notch hold your hand service like 1956

We're here for you!

Airspeed indicator

Countless upgrade options available

Pre-Assembled Wings

Our jigs will insure your wings are 100% true and square

Detailed (Better than theirs) Assembly manual

We want this to be fun and simple not confusing and vague

We've got hours and hours into our manual to save YOU time and hair

Horizontal stabilizer, Elevator, and Rudder

100% TIG welded 4130 Chromoly

Paint and covering options available

Pre-Assembled Flaperons and fittings

Everything you need to just bolt them on

Aluminum or fabric covered.<br /> *Aluminum +$265

Lift strut material and fittings

Just trim, rivet the fittings, and bolt on

All Required Hardware

Every nut, bolt, washer, eyelet, and doohickey you'll need

100% Aircraft grade

Cover material and adhesives

A few options here

``Half naked`` Ceconite material and Stewart Systems adhesive included. Many different options available.<br /> *Tools not included.

Fuel tank, hoses, fittings, and valves

Everything to get the juice through the firewall

We're working on wing tank concepts too. Watch for it.

Floor and Seat Pattern

Don't get numb butt though

We have carbon fiber options and nice fancy seat cushions made with love

Windshield material

Super easy to cut and form Lexan

We can precut it for you too of course

Complete landing gear set


Spring gear and fully adjustable cantilever options available.

Jury strut material and fittings

We sell these pre-made if you don't want the hassle

Control cables and rods

Everything you need to roll that bank and slip that landing
Save some money and choose one of our F-Series Kit Packages